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SIAC Group


Founded in 1998 as specialists in foreign trade, logistics, distribution and storage of goods.

Company Mission

Being a strategic ally in foreign trade and logistics, simplifying the complex in the supply chain.

Company Vision

To be GLOCAL's first option in foreign trade and logistics solutions, providing the best place to work for our team.

Our values

  • Loyalty:
  • We protect the interests of the Organization with an unconditional commitment

  • Leadership:
  • We strive to be the best every day and achieve the collaboration of others.

  • Honesty:
  • We adhere to the Codes of Conduct and Ethics of the Organization in all our actions inside and outside the Company.

  • Responsibility:
  • We make sure to fulfill commitments in all our interactions

  • Professional ethics:
  • We conduct ourselves at all times with an attitude of service and professionalism

  • Respect:
  • We respect the differences that exist between us, the rules of the Organization and we seek to reach agreements that allow us a good work environment.

  • Availability:
  • Always be attentive to the needs and requirements of the Organization to respond expeditiously.

  • Commitment:
  • We are committed to the company's objectives and strategic planning.

Our team

Our team is made up of more than 120 professionals and trained personnel to provide you with the best service in foreign trade, logistics and distribution of goods.

Raymundo Cristo del Bosque Valle

Lic. Raymundo del Bosque

Managing Director

Jorge del Bosque Valle

Ing. Jorge del Bosque

Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Ivette Coello

Ivette Coello

Foreign Trade Manager

Daniela Huerta Cardenas

Daniela Huerta

Human resources manager

Jose de León

Jose Antonio de León

Customs Broker Manager

Luis Miguel Olivan Rodriguez

Luis Olivan

Systems Department Manager

Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Belmontes

Carlos Gonzalez

Administration and Finance Manager

Gabriela Vázquez

Gabriela Vázquez

Sales Manager

Maria Julia Berenice Montemayor Cabello

Julia Montemayor

Foreign Trade Coordinator

Victor Cabello

Victor Cabello

warranty coordinator

Raymundo García Alejo

Raymundo García

Administrative coordinator

Saúl de Jesus Torres

Saúl de Jesus

Operations coordinator


Since 1998, SIAC has had an inventory control system for import and export merchandise (Integra Plus®), which has been constantly developed and renewed in accordance with market demands and changes in trade legislation exterior. This business unit has around 100 clients in 13 states of the Republic, mainly concentrated in the northeast region of the country.


In addition to the inventory control system, SIAC offers advisory services and specialized consultancy in fiscal customs matters and development programs such as IMMEX, Prosec, Eighth Rule, etc. On the other hand, SIAC offers its clients the subcontracting of administrative and operational personnel, thus providing the complete solution for the area of ​​customs and foreign trade and the company. This business unit has around 30 active clients in this area plus 20 sporadic clients concentrated mainly in Coahuila and Nuevo León.


Since 2010, SIAC has integrated the customs services business unit, dispatching merchandise and carrying out special operations through customs and the Monterrey airport with its own resources. There is an office in the city of Apodaca for the administration and operation of the customs broker. Additionally, through a strategic alliance with the customs broker TCI in 2015, customs services are being offered by the customs offices of Laredo, Colombia and Veracruz. Currently there are around 15 active clients plus 10 sporadic clients in this area.

In 2012 we built a warehouse in Arteaga Coahuila and since 2013 the merchandise distribution and storage business unit has been operating. In 2014, the storage capacity was doubled and this business unit has been growing a lot in the last year. In 2018, a new warehouse was opened, tripling our storage capacity once. In addition, we have fully enclosed and monitored patios for outdoor storage.

SIAC provides its services to more than 150 companies
of international stature in Mexico and in several countries of the world.

SIAC presta sus servicios a más de 100 empresas SIAC presta sus servicios a más de 100 empresas
Grupo SIAC | Warehouse & Distribution