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. What is annex 24?

It is an inventory control system that works automatically, in order to maintain at all times the updated record of the control data of foreign trade merchandise, which must be available to the customs authority.

. Who is required to have an annex 24 system?

The legal entities to whom a Program is authorized are obliged to carry out inventory control in an automated manner, in accordance with what is established by the SAT through General Rules.

According to article 59 of the Customs Law, those who import merchandise must have automated inventory control systems, and must maintain at all times the updated record of the control data of foreign trade merchandise, which must be at the disposal of the customs authority.

. If I currently have another Annex 24 Inventory Control System, can I migrate my information to Integra Plus?

Yes, we only need you to provide us with the Company's data stage files, general Company data, product and material catalogs, product structures and your current balances to do the migration.

. What is IMMEX?

The IMMEX Program is an instrument through which it is allowed to temporarily import the goods necessary to be used in an industrial or service process aimed at the production, transformation or repair of merchandise of foreign origin temporarily imported for export or the provision of services of export, without covering the payment of the general import tax, the value added tax and, where appropriate, the countervailing duties.

. What is the VAT and IEPS certification?

It is a record that allows the application for the application of a fiscal credit equivalent to 100% of the amount that must be paid for the Value Added Tax and the Special Tax on Production and Services, when these are caused by reason of the introduction to the national territory of goods under the customs regimes of temporary importation for elaboration, transformation or repair in maquila or export programs; tax deposit to undergo the process of assembly and manufacturing of vehicles; of elaboration, transformation or repair in fiscalized premises and strategic fiscalized premises.

. When should I submit my VAT and IEPS Certification Renewal request?

Within 30 business days prior to expiration.

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